Portfolios: Diana, Holga & Instamatic
D=Diana, H=Holga, I=Instamatic




Markets of Provence

Diana/Holga & Instamatic


The Sea Ranch

Classic & Racing Cars

Somalia, As It Was



D - Zac's Soda, San Francisco

D - Kids at the Ocean, Carmel

D - The Social Kiss Anne & Peter

D - Unlit, Unbuttoned, Ft. Worth

D - Three Fingers, Dallas

H - Appliance Shop, Mexico

I - Population Growth Laramie

I - Hat Display, Neiman Marcus, Dallas

I - Cheerios & Steerage, Lincoln

I - Christmas Tree and Gifts, Sun City

I - Cowboy and Indian, Pioneers Park, Lincoln

I - Entering It's A Small World, Disneyland

I - Fireworks, Pacific Grove

I - Jesse's Balloon, 4th of July

I - KMart Family Picnic, Lincoln

I - Lancaster County, 1973

I - Saturday Afternoon, Michigan

I - Victorian VW, Lincoln

I - Backlot, Universal Studios

I - Exclamation

I - Fluke in LA

I - G.

I - Grand Entrance, Pebble Beach

I - Easter at K Mart

I - Leica

I - Famous Dollars

I - Mrs.

I - Intersection of Photo Street

I - Incorporating the Truth

I - Closed Zippers, LA

H- Storefront Church, Detroit, 2006



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